30 amazing advantages of Jam

Summer fruit is a very useful and important fruit in terms of health, and is not too expensive than other fruits. Jamani as well as Jamal's pallets and leaves are also used in many diseases.
Vegetable summer fruit is very useful and important in terms of health, and is not too expensive than other fruits. Jamani as well as Jamal's pallets and leaves are also used in many diseases. Generally eating gamlets, the dots are thrown away, although the galleries of Jammu are extremely beneficial in overall diseases. You can keep these nights and use them when needed. Gain is a very useful fruit for cancer problems, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, stomach and skin problems.

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 Gems contain important nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins, thomas, reefflyon, nucleus, carbohydrate, cautian, folic acid, fiber, fat, protein and water. Those who are extremely useful for health. But eat whatever you eat in moderate food. Benefits of gastrointestinal depression are described by which you can easily find solutions to your daily problems.
 1 gastric stomach, intestinal intestinal disease, malnutrition and fatigue diet
2.Janam Starch helps in keeping blood sugar levels normal by converting energy into energy. Sugar patients should eat gastric daily daily.
3 Increases hunger and cleansing the pressure of the kidneys gives strength to the body and digest food.
 4 The natural effectiveness of thirsty intensity and reducing the heat of blood in Jammu .
5 Use of gambling for patients with diabetes is extremely useful, it does not give rise to blood sugar.
6 Creates a new blood, reducing increased tubes and is very beneficial for the health of liver .
7 The heat is the best source of heat, but Jamam does not drink water after eating .
8 reduces urine deficiency, such as weakness It is also helpful.
9 There is also useful fruit for dental health. Grind
10 galleries and grind diabetes with thirty-a-half water diabetes.
11 Eat with waist and ghee for pasting the back of the waist and feet. Stops
12 falling hair.
13 It is very useful for the increased plated gram flour, drink of ginger saffron or ginger sauce.
14 bananas, which benefit from shine diarrhea and pestilence .
15 The bananas of the Jam are stirred in water and spread from the buds The problem of thumb and throat is solved. For those whose weakness is weaker, the gym and ginger vinegar works best for the medicine .17 Water comes with eye or Mocha Rha Hauta, take a quick grinder by studying the gymnastics and take three three mango simple water in the morning and evening. 18.18 People who have bad dreams in the night get gamble bitter?  Fear should be eaten early morning .19 Grind the bamboo bowls for the sunglasses, and make small balls and suck honey. Take it -20 In any way, the leaves of the gem tree which are not too harsh, grind it very soft and make a small amount of salt and make a tablet with the help of morning and evening. 21 gene leaves are useful in ulcer .22 Jaina promotes juice immune system. Those who suffer from anemia suffer from gastrointestinal cancer. 24 Syramsin is 55 gm in potassium, which is for patients of heart. Daily use of 25 gam can be prevented from the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Vitamins C in gymnastics is the best for skin. 27 Grinding juice in the night for a single day is mixed with milk mixed with milk. 28 Get gamble chopped for rescue from spots? ¿Dread, lime juice, basin, almond oil, and roses mix a few drops and apply to the face when it is dried .29 The skin of the gamble for the Iron Ore, which is dried, Use almond juice, and grilled rose as a mask, when dried. 30 gymnastics is dry cold, it is useful for hot mood.

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