5 Best Health Tips for Infant and Kids

5 Best Health Tips for Infant and Kids

  • Cure Stomach Pain In Childern:

                                                              Hang dyn- just above the pubic cite comes hot on the heels rest are children of abdominal pain

  • Relieve Constipation In Children:

                                                              Six to eight raisins soaked in warm water until they cool dyn, raisins investigation file to take this water daily is also useful for children infant dyn,
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  • Remedies For Diaper Rashes:

                                                         Children like to put a little corn flour powder before wearing diaper rash Nappy not Gentiles

  • Baby And Care Infant Tips:

                                         The saffron dip in the cold water in small children and lgayyn- water chest

  • Soothe a Teething Baby Naturally:

                                                  Dyn- over their children's teeth and gums with a little honey salt to exit easily

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