American Cancer Society Instructions to Determine Cancer Part 1 (Breast cancer, Corps and Rectal Cancer and Puppies, Kidney cancer)

Breast cancer

 Women of the year should have the choice of starting 44 to 40 screening of breast-breasted through memogram (X-ray of breast).
 Women of the year should be memogramed every year. 54 to 45
 And women of over and over should be memorized after every two years, or annual 55 screening can also be continued.
 It is year or 10 and it should be screening until the woman's health check is expected to survive more.

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All women should be aware of the benefits, closures and potential risks associated with breast cancer screening. They should also be aware that how often their chicks look and feel and instantly report any change in the breast to the person who provides their needs. Memogram due to some women's family history, genealogy or some other factors
As well as screening through the MRI (the number of women coming in this category is very low). Talk about breast-cancer risk medicine talk about the best plan for screening for yourself.

 Corps and Rectal Cancer and Puppies
 To test both men and women from the age of one, 50 planes should be used.
 Tests that detect poles and cancer
 Flexible Symmodeoscopy after year, or 5 each
 Years after a copy, or 10 each
 Two years after comparative Baramine Anima, or 5 each
 CT Years after a year (virtual variants) 5 each
 Tests that detect most of the cancer
 Acquisition Based Waste Acquisition Blood Test (GFOBT) Annual, or
 Stool DNA (SDNA) test every three years
 Comments should be copied if the test is invalid.
Take home and use one-time stool test. A test done in the office is not enough. Comments should be copied if the test is invalid.
If such tests are available that can detect both early cancer and poultry, and if you are ready to do them, they should be your first choice. Talk to your doctor what test is best for you.
If you have higher risk of cancer on the basis of family history or other factors, you may have to be screened according to different schedules. Talk to the physician for the needs of your date and for the best test for yourself.

 Kidney cancer
 Must be under the age of 21. 21 Testing women should not be tested for cancer of kidneys.
 Women between the year should have a test test every three years. The HPV testing should not be done in the 29 and 21 groups of the age as long as it does not require unusual recovery of a pipe test.
 Women between the year should be paid every test after five years and a specific HPV 65 and 30 years 3 test (which is called 'quotating'). This type of work is preferred, but it is also good to check only pep tests every day.
 Over the years, patients with over 10 years of cancer, regular cancer patients, who have been testing for their last cancer of cancer, should not be testing for their routine routine. Once testing is stopped, it should not be restarted. Those women whose risk of cancer has been facing, their assessment should be done for more than 65 years of age, so testing should be done at least 20.
 O drained and cured for those reasons (the whole woman who has no child's hysterectomy), which is not associated with the cancer of the patient and is not associated with the disease of cancer or any serious risk of cancer. No, it should not be tested.
All women who have hpv hp should follow the recommendations for their age group.
Some women may need different schedules for kidney cancer due to their health history (HIV infection, asthma transfer, DSE exposure etc.). Talk about your date from the provider providing your needs. Medicine

Hen) cancer cancer
The American Cancer Society recommends that all women should tell about signs and risks of Endometric Cancer at Sunnis (menu). Women should tell their doctor according to the vomiting of unexpected blood pressure or blood flow.
Some women have to talk to the person who needs more than one year to endorse their history due to their history. Please treat yourself according to your date.

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