American Cancer Society Instructions to Determine Cancer Part 2 (Lung cancer, Prostate cancer)

Lung cancer

The American Cancer Society does not recommend measuring lung cancer in average-risk people. But we have instructions for screening people who have more risk of lung cancer due to smoking. This screening can be suitable for you if the factors below apply to you.
 74 to 55 years old
 Good health
 Pack - Years have cigarette drinking dates and are still drinking cigarettes or at least 30 is the number that has left the cigarette drink every day for a year. (One pack 15 would have got the pack of previous cigarette packs multiplied by those years that a person drinks cigarettes - packed a cigarette pack every day for 30 years, 30 days. One person who has cigarettes daily every year It is a 15-year history, such as the person who I am)

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Screening is done by the breast lubrication of the annual DOSCT scan (LDCT). If you need to sit well on the list above and if you want to start screening, talk to the physician.

 Prostate cancer

The American Cancer Society recommends the need for the patient to decide whether the person should test prostate cancer or not. Research tests and disadvantages of disadvantages, however, did not prove that more than the potential benefits of testing. We believe that men should not be tested unless they are aware of the potential risks and benefits of testing and treatment that we know and which we are unable to do.
   From the age of one, men should talk about the benefits of testing and medical disadvantages that provide 50 essential requirements so that they can decide whether testing is the right choice for them.
 Prostate Cancer Before 65 years If you are African Americans or your father or brother should be at the age of 45, you have medicine, with the needs of 45 requirements.
If you decide to make a test, you should have a PSA blood test, with a regular inspection, or without it. Your PSA level will decide how long you need to be tested.
 Moderate examination of cancer
 People who are aged over the years and older, examine health care about 20 cancerous diagnostics, and Thai Ride, Oral Caviat, Skin, Lepid Nodes, depending on individual age and sex. Examples for nervous cancer and cancer and some other diseases should also be included.

 Take control of your health, and help reduce your risk of cancer.
 Avoid all kinds of tobacco.
 Come on healthy weight and then stay on it.
 Keep moving with regular physical exercises.
 Eat healthy food with many fruits and vegetables.
 Set a wine drink limit (if you drink).
 Protect your skin.
 Know yourself, your family history and your dangers.
 Take regular examination and test the cancer test.

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