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Any major illness that symptoms of diabetes or blood pressure appear, instead of denying the disease should try to overcome it. It is very important to treat any disease or control it. If you know that the quantity of sugar in your blood is higher than that, then it may be appropriate for a diet and exercise. Here we are giving you a Diet and Spiritual Exercise Treatment that the spiritual digest in September 2017, Mr. Waqar Yousuf Azimi, told a patient.

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If sugar is still in progress or there is not a lot of disorders in the disease, then it is very useful to control curd and control. But it is important to be completely cautious with the treatment and take a quick walk with daily light exercises or forty forty and five minutes. This will help you control the amount of blood sugar.

Diabetes cure

Note how to use Darchini.
Purchase from Darchini Saloni Bazaar and grind it and make it safer. Take this round of pancreatic with a simple spoon of a quarter T-spoon, a simple tea with simple water in the morning. After taking it, do not eat anything for twenty to five minutes.

Diabetes spiritual treatment

Before sleeping every night before twenty-four times, Surah Quresh read three times and three times with Dudad Sharif and finish with them, and pray on the sick. Also, on the go, wudoo wastewater abide mostly or shafiq or salam.

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