Excellent recipe for weight loss celery water

Obesity is a disease that many people do not understand illness. The hanging stomach and the increased weight is not a sign of health. There is a lot of obesity in many diseases. Especially due to many women's diseases, this is obesity. Often women are obesity due to menstrual problems.

Today we are telling a simple prescription that is very beneficial for those women who are suffering from obesity due to the pesticide disorder. Aujeen is called the king of spices. It has natural strength to fight against many diseases.

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Daily drinking water causes obesity from the body to decrease rapidly. Drinking seeds of water increases the strength of the body's metabolic bowl which causes fat melting.

Water supply components:
. Edible half teaspoon
. Water glass 1
. Leaf juice half-teaspoon
. Honey a tea spoon

Water supply method
Wake up the water in a glass of water for the night. Then check this water in the morning. Then add juices of water to the water and then mix honey with a spoon and mix it well. This water is to drink a cold stomach, completely empty stomach daily.

Be careful to use water supply
The effects of aggravation are very hot, so do not use lesser girls who are not getting started. People who have a heat complaint do not use this prescription.

Take care of some important things to eliminate obesity. Avoid using rice and sugar items. Take full advantage of potatoes, thanksgiving, fast foods and lunching foods. Use simple diet. Increase the use of vegetables and pulses etc. Drink the maximum amount of water throughout the day. But at least one hour of the meals do not drink water.

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