How to test the amount of water inside the body in just three seconds

Summer heat drops and electricity closure reduce the amount of water available in the body, which leads to the risk of de-hydration when people generally ignore this issue due to engagement.

But now in a few seconds, you can know if you're not a de-hydration. Experts have told an extremely easy way to know the de-hydration, under which you are anywhere, this process can be detected by reducing the body's lack of water.
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According to this procedure, you hold the skin's skin in a shaped way and drag it for a few seconds, and leave it after three seconds, if you come to your original state and change the color immediately after leaving If it does not mean that there is no shortage of water in the body, but it is a sign of de-hydration if it takes a little time to return to the original condition instead of promptly.

The same procedure will be adopted to examine the water shortage in the body's body, but its place will not have hands, but also stomach, results can be done by applying the procedures described by the child's stomach style.

Dordon Gross describes 'Punch Test' as the best and easy way of measuring de-hydration, suggesting symptoms of de-hydration show excess moisture as well as adding moisture on the skin. .
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