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Throat diseases and easy home remedies
Today, most of the common diseases include nose, ear, throat diseases. Their direct connection is with air pollution. Through the contaminated air, nose and throat paths lead to lung infections causing lung infections. What are the diseases of the throat, why and why it is easy to treat home.

Thunderstorm reasons
It is not a big problem to get worse or damaged in throat. Even if you do not take care of eating food and eating too much cool or hot items, it gets worse. A half-day later, it's okay.
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In addition, antibiotics require medication in the throat infection, but it is necessary to first consult the doctor. The slightest discomfort of the throat sometimes fits just by plowing. If the problem is too late, it is better to consult the doctor so that appropriate treatment is done.

Things are bad and there are many reasons. Theret allergies are also stupid due to allergy. The swelling of the 'throat' throat pain 'is a combination of various types of medicines for the throat's throat. Different pharmacies have different disorders. It is better to try to cure throat problems in the first home ways.

Domestic treatment of throat diseases
To overcome the throat problem, follow the following simple and tested prescriptions:

Throat pain treats Gala Dard ka Ilaj
Regardlessly mix the salt in semi-hot water. Usually mountainousness gives relief to throat pain.

Mix ginger juice and pure honey and drink a spoon in the morning and evening.

Sound sitting
Put all the golden soup in mouth and swallow several times a day and swallow its juice. If the sound is seated, cook half a liter in a few liters of water. If the fourth part is left, mix it and add sugar to taste and use it three times a day. The sound will be fine.

Natural syrup of cough
Boil a lime for water for ten minutes. Take her juice and put it in a glass. Put two spoon glycerine in it and lighten it well. Put two spoon honey and fill it with glass cloth. The citrus natural syrup is ready. During the cough disorder use five spoones in the morning 'afternoon' for five days.

Anabh Jahananda
In ancient India, anti-ancient age is included in specialty as well as cows of cough. Its intimate tendency is considered useful in cold and severe cough, which is millions and sleeping. This is very useful for preventing throat diseases and intimacy.

Dry urine removes throat inflammation if used with cinnamon, ginger or plant, due to cold, the syrup improves the skin quickly. Two glasses have two spoon apples, one piece of cinnamon, four to five lounges, and honey on top of the water, then it removes the nausea and chest, and relieves the throat.


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