Owners of creativity are more in mental illnesses, research

LONDON: The world, a poet, poet, artist, and writer, from a different angle, are often diagnosed with cognitive "schizophrenia".

Creator who creates a strange idea to a lion, creates a colorful scene on the canvas, or creates a bunch of heads, is sensitive to any society. They think that they are blind and see what ordinary people do not even understand.
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Scientific journal, a scientific study published in the British Journal of Cyprus, has revealed strong possibilities of suffering from schizophrenia in patients with mental intake of intelligent and healthy people. Its main reason is to be sensitive to creators and keep watch on the behavior of society in addition to thought-saving.
James McKabe and his colleagues at the Kings College of London studied the mental health of the creators. This study was conducted in Sweden, where physical and mental health tests were conducted for more than 5,000 creators. Scientific analysts of creators (psycho-analytic), family-related behavioral behavior, and data from psychologists, showed that 90% creators have strong potential to suffer from schizophrenia.

It is clear that schizophrenia / Escophrenia is the disease in which the patient is facing unrealistic ideas and gives them sound sounds that they absolutely think, even though neither these ideas exist nor are they actually heard There are some Suicide cases are also seen more in comparison to other mental patients in Scholarfenia patients.

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