The best health retention formula in Ramadan

 Punjab food authority issued nutrition in regards to food and hygiene to maintain the best health in Ramadan.

Punjab Food Authority has said that wheat flour, dairy, rice, flour is the best choice in the region. Prefer food like fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, apple-flour peacock potato and spinach. Food fiber is much better than the fast period of fasting. Meat and poultry diet should be used as possible.
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Low use of tea or perfection in perfection and perfection is best for health. Make the necessary part of the catering to use the items prepared by the milk and their use. In excess of food, excessive food is very important for health. Minimize the use of grease, salt and sugar contained food. After watering more water is consumed by drinking water.
Water should be used instead of sweet drinks and carbonated cola drinks in Aftar. Do not reuse the oil used to prepare salted vegetables in homes. Do not do the usual use of fried items. Do not do any work in Ramadaan by reducing physical exercise. Punjab Food Authority warned that food in Ramadan causes carelessness and drought-tolerant health.

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