Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease caused by the salmonella typhoid. Typhoid fever is a major threat in some developed countries. Worldwide annual Typhoid fever is 21 million and two million 20,000 cases reported. A healthy and tempered person can perform all his work indefinite. In any case it illustrates the human being and its routine work remains. Apart from the patient, all households are also affected by this. Seasonal fever is not a big deal. Man gets well soon, but Typhoid fever is a deadly disease and it is a minor disease. Typhoid is caused by a germs Salmonella Typhi.

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The person whose typhoid fever gets the body temperature up to 103 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the disease's attacks occur in the rain, heat and autumn. Apart from this, digestive water also causes typhoid. Germatitis patients also move to another healthy person, and they may also suffer from this fever. It is more likely to suffer from open or bad food items in the market. Headaches 'Do not feel hungry' Pain in body 'Red spots appearing on the skin' Mole 'occupation or diarrhea' includes appetite loss and red colored red dye on the body. Symptoms of typhoid fever are similar to other stomach diseases. Chronic, sweating, sleeping, dry cough, stomach pain, occupation, lamentation and graying 'are nausea and weaknesses as its main symptoms.

 From normal seasonal fever, it becomes healthy in two to four days, but if you take a fever, then it should be done immediately to test it so that it can be timely diagnosis and can be treated. The patient may also have the risk of going to the patient if late. This disease may remain for several weeks and months. Even if the patient becomes healthy then her germs are present in it, so patients who have typhoid attacks have to avoid eating solid food. Fresh and clean should always be used. Do not use the outside dishes and contaminated drinks. Drink water always. Use vegetables and fruits always wash well. The patient should be kept in a comfortable room. If a typhoid is found in a hotel's kitchen, then all those visiting the hotel may suffer from typhoid. The food of typhoid feeds through contaminated food and water spreads from one person to another. Delivery occurs through verbal routine of intestines, namely, polluted waste can be provided in water supply or food supply.

 'After that, they may be used and may affect others. S. Tiffany is only available in humans. Typhoid fever is generally found in countless areas where water supply is contaminated. The better way of cleaning water can prevent the spread of proper food diet. According to WHO, Typhoid fever vaccination programs should be implemented with health efforts 'Health' and other efforts to prevent quality disease. Typhoid fever is a major public health issue especially in children.

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